Fast growing environment and intense competition make things being considered differently. Integrating and promoting your brand and services to new markets become a "MUST".

But how to be successful in these new "Eldorado's" where culture, languages and habits might be so different. The challenge is to be genuinely prepared by being abreast of the finest practices in the market and by selecting the appropriate business network.

INFINITE BRANDS will help you break into your desired market by providing you a complete study and strategy and by implementing our RIGHT PACT methodology.

  • RIGHT Product
  • RIGHT Approach
  • RIGHT Channel
  • RIGHT Time

Consultancy and Brand Management

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Marketing Activities

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Communication and PR

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Consultancy and Brand Management


Consultancy Services

  • Consultancies services for Brands or companies wishing to break into the Middle East

  • Market and feasibility studies

  • Brand diagnostic

  • Creation and development of adapted tools

Brand Management

  • Brand representation in the selected territories

  • Prospection

  • Elaboration and implementation of adapted local sales and marketing strategies

  • Selection and appointment of dedicated local and regional partners

  • Opening of dedicated distribution channel, network sales development and follow-up

  • Market visit and follow-up

  • Sales force training

Marketing Activities


  • Yearly forecasts and assistance in creating an adapted offer for the region

  • Elaboration and implementation of adapted local trade marketing strategy

  • Merchandising follow-up

  • Implementation of local POS animation

Communication and PR


  • Development of a media plan

  • Elaboration of media opportunities, sponsorship and PR activities

  • Establishment of strong partnership with retail to create adapted and targeted PR events

  • Drive consumer engagement with a heavy focus on social media